Monday, December 8, 2008

08-Dec-2008 : Media Coverage of Mumbai and Terrorism

Hindustan Times: IB had eye on J&K cop for a while

Hindustan Times: ‘All 10 attackers from Pakistan’

MSNBC: (Video) NYPD: New York is 'compelling target' for Mumbai type attacks

MSNBC : (Video) Mumbai Attacks Renew Focus On U.S. Hotel Security

CBS News: Pakistan Militants On Move To Afghanistan

CS Monitor: In unconfirmed raid, Pakistan seizes Mumbai attack ringleader

Xinhua: Pakistan proposes to send high-level delegation for Mumbai attacks probe

Times Online: Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, 'Mumbai mastermind', among 12 arrested in Pakistan raids

USA Today: India attacks haven't led to more violence

USA Today: Commander sees 'tough fight' in Afghan war

USA Today: Pakistan arrests suspected Mumbai plotter

Washington Post: In the Face of Tragedy, Moral Reasoning Along 'Whodunit' Lines

ABC News: 'India's 9/11' brings tourism concerns, more warnings

ABC News: Pakistan: Anti-Militant Operations Begin

Washington Post: Official silence as Pakistan nabs Mumbai plot suspect

Washington Post: U.S. plays down impact of convoy attacks in Pakistan

Bloomberg: Pakistan Raids Camp Linked to Mumbai Attack Group

NY Times : Op Ed: They Hate Us — and India Is Us

NY Times: Alleged 9/11 Plotters Offer to Confess at Guantánamo

Washington Post: Fareed Zakaria: The Choice for Pakistan's Military

Washington Post: Pakistan Arrests Suspected Mastermind of Mumbai Attacks

NY Times: Plan to Deepen Economic Ties Between India and Pakistan Is on Hold

NY Times: Pakistan Said to Raid Group Linked to Mumbai Attacks

NY Times: Pakistan’s Spies Aided Group Tied to Mumbai Siege

CBS News: Heroes Honored For Bravery In Mumbai Attack

Saturday, December 6, 2008

07-Dec-2008 : Media Coverage of Mumbai and Terrorism

Newsweek: Fareed Zakaria: End of the Line for Islamabad

Hindustan Times: Mumbai terror mastermind among 20 LeT activists held: report

Reuters: Pakistan raids camp of group blamed for Mumbai

Hindustan Times: US paid Pak $100m for N-security

NY Times: Muslims in India Put Aside Grievances to Repudiate Terrorism

NY Times: Pakistan’s Spies Aided Group Tied to Mumbai Siege

Times of India: Pak aid must be linked to its terror record: US lawmaker

BBC: Pakistan 'crackdown on militants'

Press TV: Pakistan denies extradition agreement

Press TV: McCain predicts India-Pakistan war

Chicago Tribune: Suspect in Mumbai attack linked to Pakistani village

NY Times: Police Focus on Two Men in Mumbai Attacks

ABC News: Pakistan Targets Suspected Mumbai Attackers

USA Today: India attacks haven't led to more violence

CS Monitor: Pakistani militants attack key NATO supply line

CS Monitor: Mumbai attacker's hometown is in Pakistan

Times of India: Pakistan cracks down on LeT camp: Report

Times of India: US to ask UN for sanctions against Pak terror agents

CNN: Rice: 'No doubt' Mumbai attacks planned in Pakistan

Time: What Did Kashmir Have to Do with the Mumbai Attacks?

ABC News: Taliban Urges Western Troops to Leave Afghanistan

NY Times: U.N. Official Warns Afghanistan in Jeopardy

Reuters: Facts about Mumbai attack suspects in India

Bloomberg: Pakistan Must Take Action With India on Mumbai Links, Rice Says

Times of India: 26/11 terrorists trained by Pak army, navy instructors: Report

CBS News: Pakistani Militants Strike Supply Lines

The Hindu: BBC report confirms Indian charge of Pakistan links to Mumbai attacks

McClatchy: Indians fear suicide attempt by captured terror suspect

NY Times: More Than 160 U.S. and NATO Vehicles Burned in Pakistan

Indian Express: Didn't call Zardari, Pak diverting attention: Pranab

The Hindu: 'Gul among 4 ex-Pak army officials may be put on UN sanctions'

Washington Post: Plans of Attack

NY Times: Pakistani Militants Set Ablaze Humvees For Western Forces

Hindustan Times: Mumbai attacks may spur closer US-India ties, says ex-official

NDTV: India may strike, McCain warns Pakistan

Indian Express: Charges baseless, give 'solid evidence': Pak to India

06-Dec-2008 : Media Coverage of Mumbai and Terrorism

Newsweek: No Fanning the Flames

NDTV: India may strike, McCain warns Pakistan

Christian Science Monitor: Pakistani organization accused of links to Mumbai attacks holds open house

McClatchy: Is Pakistan campus educating students - or cultivating terrorists?

McClatchy: Villagers confirm surviving Mumbai attacker is Pakistani

ABC News: Pakistani Diplomat Says He Feared Indian Attack

Washington Post: For Mumbai's Children, No Illusion of Safety

Washington Post: India attacker rose from crook to militant

NY Times: Revamping Aid to Pakistan Is Expected in Bush Report

NY Times: Indian Police Arrest 2 in Mumbai Investigation and Look at Cellphone Link

USA Today: India: Man arrested in Mumbai attacks is undercover cop

Indian Express: ‘This is the first time police entered our house’

Indian Express: Little help from America, Centre weighs options

NY Times: Mumbai Terror Siege Politicizes an Upper Class Long Insulated

Newsweek: A Jolt To The Middle Classes

The Hindu: Key Mumbai blasts suspect in Pakistan?

The Hindu: Pakistan-origin hoaxes to divert attention: India

MSNBC: Police: Man arrested in Mumbai probe is cop

MSNBC: Pakistan went on high alert after hoax call

Press TV: Sharif: US must respect Pak sovereignty (Mccain in Pakistan)

Press TV: Muslim Revolution

Press TV: Chomsky: The US invasion of Iraq has increased terror risk

Hindustan Times: How a plot was lost

Business Standard: Rice serves India's wish, threatens to act if Pak doesn't

NDTV: Pak agrees to 48-hr deadline to act against LeT: Report

Chicago Tribune: US senators expect Pakistan to take action on Mumbai attackers

ABC News: US Senators Says Pakistan Will Act

ABC News: Indian Police Arrest 2 Men in Mumbai Investigation

CBS News: Obama's Afghan Dilemma

CBS News: Might Hoax Call Have Triggered A War?

Chicago Tribune: Police: Man arrested in Mumbai attack probe is a counter-insurgency police officer

BBC: Pakistan 'feared Indian attack'

BBC: Arrests linked to Mumbai attacks

Chicago Tribune: Pakistan-India war is one neither can afford

Washington Post: India Police Arrest Two New Suspects in Mumbai Attacks

Washington Post: A Gash in the Fabric of Mumbai

Press TV: US vows to keep pressure on Pakistan

Washington Post: Police: Man arrested in Mumbai probe is cop

Washington Post: Hoax call fuels Pakistan-Indian tensions

Washington Post: Mistrust of India Forges Sense of Unity in Pakistan

Washington Post: Obama Must Be Firm, Inclusive and Swift to End Religious Terrorism

Washington Post: Pakistan must avoid worse ties with India: McCain

Washington Post: Police: NY hotels vulnerable to Mumbai-type attack

Fox News: New York Police Studying India Terror Attacks for Clues on Better Protecting City

CNN: Mumbai terror investigators quiz cellphone dealers

CNN: Zakaria: India's restrained response is working..for now

CNN: New York's top cop warns of copycat Mumbai attacks
Fox News: Indian Police Arrest 2 Men in Mumbai Investigation

The Economist: Fragile state

Forbes: Zardari And Mumbai

Rediff News: European Parliament slams Pakistan over Mumbai terror attack

NY Times Editorial: The Pakistan Connection

LA Times: MIA in Mumbai

LA Times Editorial: L.A. the next Mumbai?

Friday, December 5, 2008

05-Dec-2008: Coverage of Mumbai Attacks

NY Times: Indian Police Foiled Earlier Plot Against Mumbai

ABC News: Rice's South Asia Trip Ends With Little Achieved

ABC News: Pakistan Charity Under Suspicion in India Attacks

The Telegraph: Royal Navy and police step up River Thames patrols after Mumbai terror attacks

Chicago Tribune: Terror Central

Chicago Tribune: U.S. walks fine line between allies after Mumbai attack

Chicago Tribune: Analysis: Rice's emergency diplomacy in South Asia yields nothing specific beyond promises

Chicago Tribune: Handling of Pakistani Islamist charity could be test of post-Mumbai crackdown

Forbes: India's Obama Moment? - Robyn Meredith

Forbes: Mumbai Will Rise Again - Naazneen Karmali

Forbes: Keep On Travelin'--To India For A Start - Elisabeth Eaves Security scare at Indian airport

MSNBC: (VIDEO) Pakistani Militants Deny Involvement

Huffington Post: India in Mourning: My Week in Mumbai and Goa - John Landis

USA Today: Mumbai attacks refocus U.S. cities

ABC News: Mumbai Terrorist Amped Up on Steroids, Amphetamines

MSNBC: Court to decide president's reach on detentions

CBS News: Hero Nanny Saved Baby Amid Mumbai Horror

WordPress: Mumbai terror attack shows strong local Muslim support network

Haaretz: The worst is yet to come

CNN: Indian airports on alert over threat warnings

CNN: India's top law official admits Mumbai 'lapses'

NY Times: Terror Attacks Traced to Two From Pakistan

NY Times: Mumbai Attack Is Test for Pakistan on Curbing Militants

Washington Post: In Anger Over Mumbai Attacks, Indians Vilify Their Politicians

MSNBC: Top Indian official admits 'lapses' in attacks

CBS News: U.S. Wants Pakistan Crackdown On Militants

Reuters: Angry India admits security lapses in Mumbai attacks

India Broadens Security Alert to Include Government Buildings, Refineries

Yahoo! News: Pakistan charity under suspicion in India attacks

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Will Unite, We Will Defeat Them!

(Islamic terrorists cannot be defeated unless victim countries/people join hands and wage a war against them. Therefore, if India wants to fight Pakistan sponsored terrorism we will need support of US, UK, Israel, France, Russia with us.)

Fighting terror and keeping the citizens safe should be the number 1 priority of responsible states and their governments. Lets put so much pressure on the policymakers that they are forced to root out this rot!

So lets make our voice heard!!

Below is the list of very important news channels, news papers and websites that we should focus. Lets make sure every news and article related to terrorism in India and elsewhere remains on the front page. On each and every related story - Leave your comments, discuss, tell them what you want, tell the world how they are killing innocents and what is on stake.

(Please let me know other website that should be included in this list.)

US Media:

- CNN <-- Covering 26/11 everyday.
- CBS News <-- Covering 26/11 everyday.
- MSNBC <-- Recently started to give more space to 26/11 related news.
- ABC News <-- We need to focus this one.. Coverage decreasing.
- Fox News <-- Covering 26/11

- New York Times <-- Critically important. 26/11 coverage decreasing. More clicks required here.
- Washington Post <-- Critically important. 26/11 coverage decreasing. More clicks required here.

- Huffington Post <-- A very active pro-Obama community. Lots of coverage initially, but it's low now.
- Newsvine <-- Very active and important website. We need to focus on this.

- USA Today
- Wall Street Journal
- Politico
- Chicago Tribune
- LA Times
- Christian Science Monitor

- Time Magazine

British Media:

- BBC News
- The Telegraph
- Guardian
- Scottsman
- Times Online
- Sky News

Isreali Media:

- Haaretz <-- Lots of coverage of 26/11. We need Israeli support, they've strongest lobby in Washigton.


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