Saturday, December 6, 2008

06-Dec-2008 : Media Coverage of Mumbai and Terrorism

Newsweek: No Fanning the Flames

NDTV: India may strike, McCain warns Pakistan

Christian Science Monitor: Pakistani organization accused of links to Mumbai attacks holds open house

McClatchy: Is Pakistan campus educating students - or cultivating terrorists?

McClatchy: Villagers confirm surviving Mumbai attacker is Pakistani

ABC News: Pakistani Diplomat Says He Feared Indian Attack

Washington Post: For Mumbai's Children, No Illusion of Safety

Washington Post: India attacker rose from crook to militant

NY Times: Revamping Aid to Pakistan Is Expected in Bush Report

NY Times: Indian Police Arrest 2 in Mumbai Investigation and Look at Cellphone Link

USA Today: India: Man arrested in Mumbai attacks is undercover cop

Indian Express: ‘This is the first time police entered our house’

Indian Express: Little help from America, Centre weighs options

NY Times: Mumbai Terror Siege Politicizes an Upper Class Long Insulated

Newsweek: A Jolt To The Middle Classes

The Hindu: Key Mumbai blasts suspect in Pakistan?

The Hindu: Pakistan-origin hoaxes to divert attention: India

MSNBC: Police: Man arrested in Mumbai probe is cop

MSNBC: Pakistan went on high alert after hoax call

Press TV: Sharif: US must respect Pak sovereignty (Mccain in Pakistan)

Press TV: Muslim Revolution

Press TV: Chomsky: The US invasion of Iraq has increased terror risk

Hindustan Times: How a plot was lost

Business Standard: Rice serves India's wish, threatens to act if Pak doesn't

NDTV: Pak agrees to 48-hr deadline to act against LeT: Report

Chicago Tribune: US senators expect Pakistan to take action on Mumbai attackers

ABC News: US Senators Says Pakistan Will Act

ABC News: Indian Police Arrest 2 Men in Mumbai Investigation

CBS News: Obama's Afghan Dilemma

CBS News: Might Hoax Call Have Triggered A War?

Chicago Tribune: Police: Man arrested in Mumbai attack probe is a counter-insurgency police officer

BBC: Pakistan 'feared Indian attack'

BBC: Arrests linked to Mumbai attacks

Chicago Tribune: Pakistan-India war is one neither can afford

Washington Post: India Police Arrest Two New Suspects in Mumbai Attacks

Washington Post: A Gash in the Fabric of Mumbai

Press TV: US vows to keep pressure on Pakistan

Washington Post: Police: Man arrested in Mumbai probe is cop

Washington Post: Hoax call fuels Pakistan-Indian tensions

Washington Post: Mistrust of India Forges Sense of Unity in Pakistan

Washington Post: Obama Must Be Firm, Inclusive and Swift to End Religious Terrorism

Washington Post: Pakistan must avoid worse ties with India: McCain

Washington Post: Police: NY hotels vulnerable to Mumbai-type attack

Fox News: New York Police Studying India Terror Attacks for Clues on Better Protecting City

CNN: Mumbai terror investigators quiz cellphone dealers

CNN: Zakaria: India's restrained response is working..for now

CNN: New York's top cop warns of copycat Mumbai attacks
Fox News: Indian Police Arrest 2 Men in Mumbai Investigation

The Economist: Fragile state

Forbes: Zardari And Mumbai

Rediff News: European Parliament slams Pakistan over Mumbai terror attack

NY Times Editorial: The Pakistan Connection

LA Times: MIA in Mumbai

LA Times Editorial: L.A. the next Mumbai?

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