Thursday, December 4, 2008

We Will Unite, We Will Defeat Them!

(Islamic terrorists cannot be defeated unless victim countries/people join hands and wage a war against them. Therefore, if India wants to fight Pakistan sponsored terrorism we will need support of US, UK, Israel, France, Russia with us.)

Fighting terror and keeping the citizens safe should be the number 1 priority of responsible states and their governments. Lets put so much pressure on the policymakers that they are forced to root out this rot!

So lets make our voice heard!!

Below is the list of very important news channels, news papers and websites that we should focus. Lets make sure every news and article related to terrorism in India and elsewhere remains on the front page. On each and every related story - Leave your comments, discuss, tell them what you want, tell the world how they are killing innocents and what is on stake.

(Please let me know other website that should be included in this list.)

US Media:

- CNN <-- Covering 26/11 everyday.
- CBS News <-- Covering 26/11 everyday.
- MSNBC <-- Recently started to give more space to 26/11 related news.
- ABC News <-- We need to focus this one.. Coverage decreasing.
- Fox News <-- Covering 26/11

- New York Times <-- Critically important. 26/11 coverage decreasing. More clicks required here.
- Washington Post <-- Critically important. 26/11 coverage decreasing. More clicks required here.

- Huffington Post <-- A very active pro-Obama community. Lots of coverage initially, but it's low now.
- Newsvine <-- Very active and important website. We need to focus on this.

- USA Today
- Wall Street Journal
- Politico
- Chicago Tribune
- LA Times
- Christian Science Monitor

- Time Magazine

British Media:

- BBC News
- The Telegraph
- Guardian
- Scottsman
- Times Online
- Sky News

Isreali Media:

- Haaretz <-- Lots of coverage of 26/11. We need Israeli support, they've strongest lobby in Washigton.



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