Saturday, December 6, 2008

07-Dec-2008 : Media Coverage of Mumbai and Terrorism

Newsweek: Fareed Zakaria: End of the Line for Islamabad

Hindustan Times: Mumbai terror mastermind among 20 LeT activists held: report

Reuters: Pakistan raids camp of group blamed for Mumbai

Hindustan Times: US paid Pak $100m for N-security

NY Times: Muslims in India Put Aside Grievances to Repudiate Terrorism

NY Times: Pakistan’s Spies Aided Group Tied to Mumbai Siege

Times of India: Pak aid must be linked to its terror record: US lawmaker

BBC: Pakistan 'crackdown on militants'

Press TV: Pakistan denies extradition agreement

Press TV: McCain predicts India-Pakistan war

Chicago Tribune: Suspect in Mumbai attack linked to Pakistani village

NY Times: Police Focus on Two Men in Mumbai Attacks

ABC News: Pakistan Targets Suspected Mumbai Attackers

USA Today: India attacks haven't led to more violence

CS Monitor: Pakistani militants attack key NATO supply line

CS Monitor: Mumbai attacker's hometown is in Pakistan

Times of India: Pakistan cracks down on LeT camp: Report

Times of India: US to ask UN for sanctions against Pak terror agents

CNN: Rice: 'No doubt' Mumbai attacks planned in Pakistan

Time: What Did Kashmir Have to Do with the Mumbai Attacks?

ABC News: Taliban Urges Western Troops to Leave Afghanistan

NY Times: U.N. Official Warns Afghanistan in Jeopardy

Reuters: Facts about Mumbai attack suspects in India

Bloomberg: Pakistan Must Take Action With India on Mumbai Links, Rice Says

Times of India: 26/11 terrorists trained by Pak army, navy instructors: Report

CBS News: Pakistani Militants Strike Supply Lines

The Hindu: BBC report confirms Indian charge of Pakistan links to Mumbai attacks

McClatchy: Indians fear suicide attempt by captured terror suspect

NY Times: More Than 160 U.S. and NATO Vehicles Burned in Pakistan

Indian Express: Didn't call Zardari, Pak diverting attention: Pranab

The Hindu: 'Gul among 4 ex-Pak army officials may be put on UN sanctions'

Washington Post: Plans of Attack

NY Times: Pakistani Militants Set Ablaze Humvees For Western Forces

Hindustan Times: Mumbai attacks may spur closer US-India ties, says ex-official

NDTV: India may strike, McCain warns Pakistan

Indian Express: Charges baseless, give 'solid evidence': Pak to India

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