Friday, December 5, 2008

05-Dec-2008: Coverage of Mumbai Attacks

NY Times: Indian Police Foiled Earlier Plot Against Mumbai

ABC News: Rice's South Asia Trip Ends With Little Achieved

ABC News: Pakistan Charity Under Suspicion in India Attacks

The Telegraph: Royal Navy and police step up River Thames patrols after Mumbai terror attacks

Chicago Tribune: Terror Central

Chicago Tribune: U.S. walks fine line between allies after Mumbai attack

Chicago Tribune: Analysis: Rice's emergency diplomacy in South Asia yields nothing specific beyond promises

Chicago Tribune: Handling of Pakistani Islamist charity could be test of post-Mumbai crackdown

Forbes: India's Obama Moment? - Robyn Meredith

Forbes: Mumbai Will Rise Again - Naazneen Karmali

Forbes: Keep On Travelin'--To India For A Start - Elisabeth Eaves Security scare at Indian airport

MSNBC: (VIDEO) Pakistani Militants Deny Involvement

Huffington Post: India in Mourning: My Week in Mumbai and Goa - John Landis

USA Today: Mumbai attacks refocus U.S. cities

ABC News: Mumbai Terrorist Amped Up on Steroids, Amphetamines

MSNBC: Court to decide president's reach on detentions

CBS News: Hero Nanny Saved Baby Amid Mumbai Horror

WordPress: Mumbai terror attack shows strong local Muslim support network

Haaretz: The worst is yet to come

CNN: Indian airports on alert over threat warnings

CNN: India's top law official admits Mumbai 'lapses'

NY Times: Terror Attacks Traced to Two From Pakistan

NY Times: Mumbai Attack Is Test for Pakistan on Curbing Militants

Washington Post: In Anger Over Mumbai Attacks, Indians Vilify Their Politicians

MSNBC: Top Indian official admits 'lapses' in attacks

CBS News: U.S. Wants Pakistan Crackdown On Militants

Reuters: Angry India admits security lapses in Mumbai attacks

India Broadens Security Alert to Include Government Buildings, Refineries

Yahoo! News: Pakistan charity under suspicion in India attacks

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